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New Website موقع جديد

Starting May 07th 2019 I have moved to my new website

بدءاً من السابع من مايو 2019 قمت بالإنتقال إلى موقعي الجديد

Coming Out

I remember myself as young as six years old, going to the mosque to pray, standing, kneeling, and eventually putting my forehead to the ground. I was supposed to be talking to God. I opened my eyes and I saw nothing but the beautiful Persian rug on which I was praying. I closed them and I saw nothing but darkness. I tried to listen for anything, but there was nothing but silence. I slowly turned my head, sneaking a peek at the adults praying next to me, and trying to find out what was going on. I saw them rubbing their foreheads against the rug just like me, and whispering some prayers to something distant I couldn’t see. I turned my head back and closed my eyes forcefully, trying to focus, trying to find it, but again, there was silence. I kept going to the mosques. I became zealously religious and wanted to fight for a god I couldn’t find. I kept trying, to no end. Then, I woke up to the horrors of religion. I saw how my Muslim faith was the agony of many. How it oppressed women, C…