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Why Sisi is bad for everybody

Since he overthrew the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and took power in Egypt, Sisi unarguably became the most celebrated Arab leader in western media. His latest calls for Islamic reform, war on ISIS and Hamas have earned him comparisons to Winston Churchill and Anwar Sadat. For many Arabs like me it is not surprising. The west seems to be deemed to celebrate and support real bad Arabs like Sadat and Sisi.
The west is desperate to convince itself it does have Muslim friends regardless of the reality and here where Sisi enters the picture with his military uniform and anti-Islamist determination. Sisi has been a major setback for Islamists in Egypt and in the world. He singlehandedly, and against the will of the mighty White House in its residents, overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood from the presidency of the birthplace of modern militant Islamic ideology. He has been leading a persistent campaign against Islamists in his country, declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization…