We Need to Talk About Islam

It is amazing that we can't start a conversation about Islam as a violent, peaceful or normal religion without someone starts to -many times violently- defending Muslims. Why?! is it a sincere concern from our Islamophobia against the Muslim minority? Is it a precaution so one day we won't build concentration camps for the 1.6 billion Muslims, some of them are nuclear and some are yet to be, and systematically annihilate them?! Or is it our childish ridicules political correctness which encumber us from discussing a more than ever serious existential issue?

Extreme avoidance of publically questioning the Islamic doctrine is not the proper response to nearly half a century of global terrorism. There is no continent that survived Islamic terrorism. Almost all races produced Islamic terrorists was it African warriors, French Jewish girls, Asian Mujahdeen or a blonde European ISIS fighter. All of this should bring us to the conclusion that we need to have an open, transparent discussion about the Islamic belief system which produced more terrorists than any other ideology in world of post WWII.

Part of the problem, I think, is American self absorption. Most Americans are extremely preoccupied with their own situation and ideas of self-identification.. you know what? I well put it as bluntly as possible: for Muslims, Islam is not a race, not an nationality and not an ethnicity. For them Islam is a religion, a belief and a practice. Contrary to western ideas of race, Muslims do not consider that terms like: Jew, Christian, Yazidi..etc describe a national, racial or ethnic element, they see them as purely religious. A live example of the difference are the Yazidis. To the west, the Yazidis are an ancient middle eastern ethnic group, a piece of history that we need to conserve. For Muslim extremists, the Yazidis are pagans who need to either become Muslims or die. Which ISIS did be converting hundreds of Yazidis to Islam and welcoming them to the arms of the Caliphate.

If Muslims themselves, do not consider themselves a race but rather devout idealogists, why aren't we willing to do the same? Why do we label anti-Islamic statements to be racist? Was anti-communist America racist? What about anti-Nazis? Anti-Christian? Anti-Haridi? Islam has nothing to do with races or nationalities and you may confirm that with the Canadian convert who attacked the Canadian white parliament or the blonde Europeans fighting for the Islamic state. Islam is a pure ideology and last time an ideology did not accept harsh criticism we called it "Empire of Evil".

As a person who grew up in a Muslims family I urge everyone to agree that religious belief system is not above criticism. Ridiculous accusations of Islamophobia should not scare us from discussing a pressing global issue. If we feel no problem in discussing and criticizing Christians and Jews, then Ben Affleck should have shut the hell up when Sam Harris was talking about Islam, because we do need to talk about Islam.


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