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We Need to Talk About Islam

It is amazing that we can't start a conversation about Islam as a violent, peaceful or normal religion without someone starts to -many times violently- defending Muslims. Why?! is it a sincere concern from our Islamophobia against the Muslim minority? Is it a precaution so one day we won't build concentration camps for the 1.6 billion Muslims, some of them are nuclear and some are yet to be, and systematically annihilate them?! Or is it our childish ridicules political correctness which encumber us from discussing a more than ever serious existential issue?

Extreme avoidance of publically questioning the Islamic doctrine is not the proper response to nearly half a century of global terrorism. There is no continent that survived Islamic terrorism. Almost all races produced Islamic terrorists was it African warriors, French Jewish girls, Asian Mujahdeen or a blonde European ISIS fighter. All of this should bring us to the conclusion that we need to have an open, transparent dis…

موسيقى عربية يهودية إسرائيلية

مجموعة من المقتطفات الموسيقية بواسطة فنانيين يهود وإسرائيليين

موشيه إلياهو مع سامية رشدي فى حضور زكي سرور، من ارشيف التلفزيون الإسرائيلي

العاد هارئيل واريئيل كوهين "لما بدى يتثنى"
مقطوعة ن عزف الكمنجاتي اليهودي انور منسي من  "الفن" لعبدالوهاب

موشيه حبوشه والعاد هارئيل واريئيل كوهين "النهر الخالد"

سيمون شاهين - تقاسيم عود

عازف الكمان المصري الإسرائيلي فيلكس مزراحي، من ارشيف التلفزيون الإسرائيلي
فيلكس مزراحي، ام كلثوم
تقاسيم مصرية إسرائيلية
كافيه نوح

Egyptian Jews according to Egyptians

“Hassan, Marcos and Cohen” is an Egyptian classical movie produced in 1954 which portrayed the Egyptian society of that time based on the major three Egyptian sects; Muslims, Christians and Jews. Many Jews had left Egypt already by that time, but nearly half of the 80,000 Egyptian Jews remained hoping that relationship between Arabs and Jews will go back to normal and they will continue living by each other again. Nearly 50 years later a new movie was produced titled “Hassan and Marcos”, Cohen is no longer a partner and the world is already worried that soon Hassan may be starring alone. Many of you western readers already know what happened to Cohen; imprisonment, torture, confiscation and finally expulsion. But what I’m writing about here is what Egyptians say that happened to Cohen. The Egyptian official narrative of what happened to Egyptian Jewry is yet another evidence of how Arab governments forger Middle Eastern history in order to corrupt the minds of millions with hatred. T…