Radical Islam, Lunacy & Political Correctness

Lunacy is suggested to be the state of mental illness, being dangerous, insane, extravagant foolishness, having an unsound mind and being unpredictable. According to this definition, we can agree that many people that we see in today's world, can be fairly described as lunatics and many common ideas can be described fairly as straightforward lunacy. This picture above was taken in Egypt in the recent events for some of pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters after attacking a Coptic church. The protesters took a big cross from the church and, as you can see in the picture, are rounding up on it and beating it down. I was so happy when a friend of mine sent this picture to me, for at last I have something that I can use to explain to non-Middle Eastern readers how radical Islam works.

We can all agree that this picture demonstrate perfectly the exact meaning of lunacy better that any words. But there are two things which make this type of lunacy different, things which make it particularly worrying and threatening; it is violent and it is on mass scale. We can try to analyze and anticipate the motives and thoughts of the persons in this picture, but we can't simply say that its a perfectly normal behavior of perfectly sane people. If you are walking down the block to see some of your neighbors rounding on and beating a Wal-Mart sign with sticks and stabbing it with knives, because they believe that Wal-Mart is inherently a devilish store, would you think that it is totally normal and its alright that they express their beliefs? Would you feel safe in this kind of neighborhood? Some people would claim that we have seen evangelicals burning Harry Potter books and its not just Muslims, but I don't think that both things are the same. While I don't agree with burning books, yet it is still understandable. Books have content to them, they offer ideas, and besides more importantly the act of burning itself is just an act of destruction. Burning a Harry Potter book is totally different than a group of people hitting it with sticks and stabbing it with knives.

Since the 2000s, I have watched radical violent Islam becoming the main stream Islam in the Muslim world. I have seen more people become lunatics. The people in that picture are not the residents of a mental institution; they are normal people with normal lives, families and jobs. One should have some serious deep grudge and spite towards a piece of wood in order for him to gather with others and keep hitting it like that. They believe that this piece of wood is of pure evil, a devilish unholy artifact and the source of everything that is evil and wrong in the world, just like the star of David and the flag of Israel, just like the Jewish state; an unholy evil that should be destroyed viciously. This is not just another religion, not just another dogma or ideology it is pure lunacy. This proves also that lunacy is not just an illness that can be caused by loneliness or confusion, but it can be preached, planted and taught to people. Those people in the picture to the best of my knowledge could not have been born with such a crazy mindless behavior and attitude. Lunacy indeed can be preached, from mosques, churches, schools, political podiums and any other place we chose. It is the kind of lunacy we hear from mosque clerics calling upon the faithful to destroy the unfaithful, kill the Jews and burn the Christians. It is also important for me to say that any peace attempt in the Middle East between the Arabs and Israeli is destined to fail as long as Israel is surrounded with this kind of lunacy, the same lunacy that we have heard from the mouth of former president of the biggest Arab state in the Middle East Mohamed Morsi that "Muslims should nurse their babies and children on hatred towards the Jews.. They [babies] should be fed hatred." [Egypt's Morsi in 2010 – MEMRI]

On the other hand, there are those who don't like to identify such lunatic ideas of fundamental Islam as lunacy and my it is my personal conviction that Islam itself contains all the violent aggressive ideological basis which define radical Islam. Since I have been to the US, one of the main thing I have notices is the irrational obsession with political correctness. No one wants to be accused of being Islamophobic or racist, so they start talking about peaceful Islam and the right of political Islam to compete democratically and fairly with other modern ideologies. The attempt to integrate a lunatic ideology such is radical Islam can not end but in a disaster. Political correctness can't be used to cover up hypocrisy; we can't lie to Muslims about their religion. If we want to be therapeutic and help our Muslims friends and neighbors to have peaceful lives we have to be honest with them. We can't lie to Muslims and tell them that Islam is a religion that promotes tolerance, because it is not. We can't tell Muslims that it is okay to have political Islam as an ideological political movement, because it is not and what happened after the democratic elections in Gaza (2005) and Egypt (2012) are there to prove it. Political correctness is itself a lunacy when it normalizes people who manically attack a wooden cross and want to feed babies hatred.


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