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Radical Islam, Lunacy & Political Correctness

Lunacy is suggested to be the state of mental illness, being dangerous, insane, extravagant foolishness, having an unsound mind and being unpredictable. According to this definition, we can agree that many people that we see in today's world, can be fairly described as lunatics and many common ideas can be described fairly as straightforward lunacy. This picture above was taken in Egypt in the recent events for some of pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters after attacking a Coptic church. The protesters took a big cross from the church and, as you can see in the picture, are rounding up on it and beating it down. I was so happy when a friend of mine sent this picture to me, for at last I have something that I can use to explain to non-Middle Eastern readers how radical Islam works.
We can all agree that this picture demonstrate perfectly the exact meaning of lunacy better that any words. But there are two things which make this type of lunacy different, things which make it particul…

Hath not a Copt eyes? A Record of Coptic Tragedy

[When I started writing this post there were 14 churches burning in Egypt, when I was finishing it the number went up to 16]
I have been thinking about writing this post for 2 weeks. Since yesterday only, nearly 20 Coptic churches and several Copt owned community and commercial buildings were destroyed and torched to the ground in Egypt by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Leaked reports over the past weeks said that they even tried to assassinate the Coptic patriarch several times. Since the overthrow of the democratically elected Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi, his supports who are anti-coup and pro-democracy stated clearly that Christians in Egypt are not safe any more.
Copts are the largest indigenous Christian minority in the Middle East and the Muslim world, for some reason we do not have an accurate number for the Coptic population in Egypt, but most of the sources estimate it between 5 to 15 million, some other sources claim the number is way higher. Since the military…