From the cells of State Security to the queues of Homeland Security

The gap between me and my fellow Egyptian secular activists is wide and deep. Although we share the pleasant experience of being detained and interrogated by the Egyptian State Security agency, we don’t share much else. As a matter of fact most those freedom fighters would agree with State Security about the treatment I should receive because only one thing; my support for Israel.
In Egypt you can find my strange and peculiar paradoxes, like someone who is ready to sacrifice his life for justice and liberty, yet have the same enthusiasm when it comes to speaking about the Zionist pigs. This was a big part of my own trouble back home, that even those who are supposedly close to you the most sometimes they hate you the most.
My encounters with the Egyptian security agencies started in Jan 2010 after I showed some academic interest in history and culture of the Jewish people and Israel. Apparently they did not like it. Things got more complicated when religion was involved as it was obvious to them that I’m no longer a Muslim. To cut it short, I passed the regular process of detention, interrogation and of course no harm in some physical mistreatment every once and a while, especially after my profile was able to successfully make it to the intelligence service and military intelligence. The funny thing is that those agencies many times tried to recruit me somehow against the infidel pigs, I found it hilarious honestly. With time passing, I found myself interested in many other things myself like Antisemitism in Egypt, discrimination of non-Muslim minorities and so on. I was just getting myself in deeper mess than I was already.
Anyways, I was not a part of the public young opposition scene. The things I spoke and fought for served no interest for most of the people. Actually most of the people believed that hating Jews and oppressing Christians is a valuable honoring moral duty. So I was an outcast, everywhere.
When the revolution broke out, many of us saw it as a chance of redemption and healing. I joined the revolutionary movement, deciding to postpone my own agenda and to manipulate the current chance for change. But things started to go wrong a bit by a bit. Starting with the announcement of holy Friday to invade Jerusalem (Feb 2011), to attacking the Israeli embassy (Sept 2011), massacring of Christians (Oct 2012) till the climax scene with the Muslim Brotherhood in power.
Silently, accepting my defeat and failure I had to withdraw once and for all. I see no future for Egypt, no hope. Egypt is a country which fate is already determined by strength of hatred, ignorance and the lack of substantial logical critical thinking.

Luckily, I was able to get my ticket to the US. Then I joined the endless line of asylum seekers from poor, underdeveloped, hostile and unwelcoming country. After fighting brutal security forces over tolerance and freedom in my home country, now I have to fight some mid-age lazy non-English speaking Asian clerks in Homeland Security department over some stupid document that they don’t want to finish. A great disappointment I’m afraid, but one has to face the consequences of his own actions. I decided to defend the world for values, which the world itself does not believe in them no more. I’m now starting to fight back for the last of my remaining faith in humanity; I hope it’s not too late.


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