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The reasons behind the coup by the Army (an interview to ilsussidario)

INT. Hussein Aboubakr
lunedì 2 settembre 2013 Original link
Hussein Aboubakr after having taken part with enthusiasm in the Arab Spring that led to the overthrow of Mubarak, has had to deal with the failure of the same Spring, when the Muslim Brotherhood took power. A scholar and teacher of history and Jewish literature, Hussein has suffered persecution from the new regime. Having obtained the status of political refugee, he now lives in California and has a blog, I survived Tahrir Square, where he continues his struggle, as well as collaborating with the newspaper The Times of Israel. contacted him for this exclusive interview.

The name of your blog is "I survived Tahrir Square". Can you tell us what you mean exactly by "surviving"? Can you tell us a little about those days, when Mubarak was sent away? What were your hopes?
I mea…

رحلة حسن ومرقص للبحث عن كوهين (1) - حول قراؤو خليج سان فرانسيسكو

فى مطلع خمسينيات القرن الماضي قدم مسرح نجيب الريحاني مسرحية "حسن ومرقص وكوهين" والتى تحولت الى عمل سينيمائي يحمل نفس الاسم فى عام 1954. كان العمل فى ذلك الحين يهدف الى طرح صورة النسيج الوطني كما تراها مصر ما بعد الثورة متكوناً من مسلمين ومسيحين ويهود. ولكن ومنذ ذلك الحين تم فقد كوهين بشكل ما ولم يتم العثور عليه. فى عام 2008 تم إنتاج فيلماً أخر بعنوان "حسن ومرقص" واضحى مرقص نفسه يخشى الا يتبقى فى النهاية سوى حسن. تلك المقالة تدور حول رحلة حسن ومرقص للبحث عن كوهين فى العالم الجديد للتعرف عن سبب رحيله.

الساعة العاشرة صباحاً بتوقيت الساحل الغربي. أمسك بمقود السيارة منذ السابعة مساء الأمس لأشق الطريق من جنوب كاليفورنيا لشمالها فى رحلة كانت يجب ألا تستغرق أكثر من 8 ساعات ولكنها -والفضل لزحام لوس أنجيليس- استغرقت 14. يجلس بجانبي ايضاً منذ أمس صديقي القبطي مرقص وهو ما بين النوم واليقظة. رأسه الصلعاء تلمع تحت أشعة شمس كاليفورنيا الشهيرة بينما يحاول جاهداً ان يقاوم النوم حتى يشد من أزري. تقودنا شاشة جهاز الجي بي أس الصغيرة إلى مدينة داللي سيتي جنوب خليج سان فرانسيسكو والذى ي…

Radical Islam, Lunacy & Political Correctness

Lunacy is suggested to be the state of mental illness, being dangerous, insane, extravagant foolishness, having an unsound mind and being unpredictable. According to this definition, we can agree that many people that we see in today's world, can be fairly described as lunatics and many common ideas can be described fairly as straightforward lunacy. This picture above was taken in Egypt in the recent events for some of pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters after attacking a Coptic church. The protesters took a big cross from the church and, as you can see in the picture, are rounding up on it and beating it down. I was so happy when a friend of mine sent this picture to me, for at last I have something that I can use to explain to non-Middle Eastern readers how radical Islam works.
We can all agree that this picture demonstrate perfectly the exact meaning of lunacy better that any words. But there are two things which make this type of lunacy different, things which make it particul…

Hath not a Copt eyes? A Record of Coptic Tragedy

[When I started writing this post there were 14 churches burning in Egypt, when I was finishing it the number went up to 16]
I have been thinking about writing this post for 2 weeks. Since yesterday only, nearly 20 Coptic churches and several Copt owned community and commercial buildings were destroyed and torched to the ground in Egypt by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Leaked reports over the past weeks said that they even tried to assassinate the Coptic patriarch several times. Since the overthrow of the democratically elected Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi, his supports who are anti-coup and pro-democracy stated clearly that Christians in Egypt are not safe any more.
Copts are the largest indigenous Christian minority in the Middle East and the Muslim world, for some reason we do not have an accurate number for the Coptic population in Egypt, but most of the sources estimate it between 5 to 15 million, some other sources claim the number is way higher. Since the military…

Are Arabic articles in Wikipedia reliable?

No they are not. There is a huge gap between the accuracy of the information that exists in an English Wikipedia article and in the Arabic version of the same article. Wikipedia is the largest and most popular general reference work on the Internet, ranking seventh globally among all websites on Alexa as of June 2013, and it is one of the most important resources for common readers as well as students in today's world. Although Wikipedia is an open content source and pretty much anyone can edit or contribute to its articles, it is still viewed as a reliable source of information, however, this is not the case for the Arabic content of Wikipedia as many articles do not meet any encyclopedic standards.
Much of the content in Arabic the deals with history, natural sciences, nature, zoology etc. is indeed reliable as it is just a translation to the English or French content, but the content the deals with sensitive issues like Islam, the west, women rights, Jewish history etc. are no…

The Holy Antisemitic Month of Ramadan

From the days of my early childhood in Egypt, anti-Semitism was not only a common phenomenon, it has been a national characteristic of my country. From Alexandria to Aswan, in every city and small town along the Nile river, anti-Jewish propaganda can be easily found in mosques, bookstores, on the radio, in newspapers and on TV.

Learning to hate Jews starts in Egypt the first moment you learn about their existence and continues long into adulthood. I am so used to seeing Jews identified by the old traditional Middle Ages stereotype as mean, filthy, greedy dishonest conspirators out to cause global chaos and disharmony among the Egyptian people. Bit by bit I learned all the elements and causes of religious and secular hatred of Jews in Egyptian society. I still recall the time when, as a 13-year-old, I got to experience the broadcast of the Ramadan special: “A Horseless Knight,” a TV series watched widely across Egypt telling the story of the Jewish conspiracy to dominate humanity, as re…

Once again; What's going on in Egypt?

Apparently the Arab spring was not just a season, it was a beginning of the biggest mass movement in human history, while the results remain unknown and uncertain, it is important to understand what is happening in Egypt.

A coup? Or a revolution? While the recent events in Egypt are generally recognized as a military coup in the west and in Egypt by followers of political Islam, in Egypt the people are determined to view it as a popular revolution against the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood giving the fact that the military assumed power after nearly 22 million Egyptians demonstrated against the president in the biggest demonstration in the history of man. Others in Egypt view it as both, a revolution followed by a coup supporting it. Practically this is a ridiculous technical question for either it was a revolution or a coup that won't change any facts on the ground, however this is not the case for Washington. The foreign assistance act which is a U.S law says in section 508 …

الإسلام والعنف.. أين المشكلة؟

أن عدد المجرمين الذين يعرفون انفسهم على انهم اتباع الدين الإسلامي أكبر بكثير من عدد المجرمين الذين يعرفون انفسهم كأتباع لأي دين أخر. هناك علاقة خاصة بين الإسلام والإرهاب، لنواجه الواقع قليلاً بعيداً عن الدبلوماسية وجبر الخواطر، هناك علاقة واضحة بين الإسلام والمسلمين والعنف. والعالم كان ومازال يراقب تلك العلاقة الغريبة على مدى الثلاثون عاماً الماضية بتوجس، هناك أعمال عنف كثيرة أرتكبت وترتكب يومياً بواسطة مسلمون، على مدى العقود الثلاث الأخيرة لم ينجو مكان واحد على الأرض من حوادث عنف مفرط تورط بها مسلمون بشكل أو بأخر، بل وهناك ظواهر عنيفة معروفة حصرياً لدى المسلمين فقط مثل ظاهرة التفجير الإنتحارى الذبح وقطع الرأس وجرائم الشرف وبتر الأعضاء والقتل بالرجم. ماذا يحدث؟ ما المشكلة؟

يدعي البعض ان المشكلة هى التطرف الديني وتفسير النصوص الدينية بشكل حرفي وان الإسلام فى حد ذاته دين كسائر الأديان الأخرى يعمل كدعامة أخلاقية للمجتمع، وأن المتطرفيين المسلمين لا يختلفون عن أي متطرفين من أي دين أخر. يميل الكثير إلى تبني تلك الفكرة ربما لإنها بشكل أساسي تساوي بين جميع الأديان وتلتزم بالحياد الديني المميز …

The Quest for Egyptian Identity and the case of the demographic revolution in Cairo

In Egypt the people were never consulted to answer the question of Who is an Egyptian? the identity of the country and the nation was always being decided by that one ethnic majority representatives who are in power, and the Egyptian people just had to accept it leading to a current devastating identity crisis. Egyptians are confused in determining their relationship with religion, with their Arab neighbors, with Europe and with the world. The story of the single group that monopolized defining the frame of the Egyptian national identity and the Egyptian national historical narrative is a story that still trouble Egypt till today. In the 50s militant chauvinists imposed an strict radical Egyptian and pan-Arabist identity on the country, in the 70s Sadat added a strong religious element to the nationalist identity defining Egypt as an Islamic nation, nowadays, Muslim extremists are determined deconstruct and reconstruct the whole national Egyptian self perception to impose a wahabi Is…