Friday, March 6, 2015

Why Sisi is bad for everybody

Since he overthrew the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and took power in Egypt, Sisi unarguably became the most celebrated Arab leader in western media. His latest calls for Islamic reform, war on ISIS and Hamas have earned him comparisons to Winston Churchill and Anwar Sadat. For many Arabs like me it is not surprising. The west seems to be deemed to celebrate and support real bad Arabs like Sadat and Sisi.
The west is desperate to convince itself it does have Muslim friends regardless of the reality and here where Sisi enters the picture with his military uniform and anti-Islamist determination. Sisi has been a major setback for Islamists in Egypt and in the world. He singlehandedly, and against the will of the mighty White House in its residents, overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood from the presidency of the birthplace of modern militant Islamic ideology. He has been leading a persistent campaign against Islamists in his country, declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, calling for a reform in Islam and even extending his campaign abroad by the airstrikes on ISIS in Libya, destroying the terror tunnels in the Sinai and declaring Hamas a terrorist organization. In other words, he has every reason to be considered by many as the savior on the white horse emerging from the midst of hell. All of this will not deter me from trying to convince you otherwise; Sisi is bad for Egypt, bad for Israel, bad for the region, bad for me and bad for you.

Let me first make a little confession. I have a personal bias against Sisi for I was detained, interrogated and physically abused by his Military Intelligence in 2010 when he was the director of Egyptian Military Intelligence. The time I spent in his detention is the worst time and the worst memories of my entire life. Nevertheless, I promise that I will disregard all me personal biases and be objective as much as I can.

Let me start of by talking about Sisi and Islamism. Sisi is not a moderate person. He has religious fascinations not less than his Muslim Brotherhood opponents. A 2013 leaked audio recording exposed that Sisi believe he is a divine intervention from Allah as he tells how he dreamed with himself wielding a sword with the phrase “No God but Allah” engraved on it. Sisi more than often include moral religious preaching in his speeches in the most simplistic demagogic ways. Shortly after his statements about the “reform in Islam” his security forces and his courts system launched a campaign to hunt down, apprehend, publically humiliate and imprison atheists and homosexuals. Bear in mind there are no laws in Egypt criminalizing atheism or homosexuality and Sisi moral policemen and judges are totally improvising crimes like “disturbing the social norms.” How can a regime which does not believe nor respect the rule of law create a state that respects law?

While it is true Sisi is repressing Islamists, it is crucial to mention that political oppression is at its peak even for liberal secularists. Sisi did shutdown the most influential anti-Islamist political satire TV show in the Arab world Al Bernameg, something the Brotherhood itself did not dare to do. The amount of political detainees and prisoners, deaths resulted from torture and demonstrators killed rose drastically than that of Mubarak pre-revolution Egypt. Mass arrests and impunity for abuse by security forces are two main features of Sisi’s Egypt. Here are some quotes from the Human Rights Watch report of 2015:

“More than 41,000 people were arrested or faced criminal charges between July 2013 and May 2014… In 2014 a criminal court judge handed down the death penalty to more than 1,200 people. Egypt’s 2014 constitution permits military trials for civilians, and on October 27, 2014, al-Sisi issued a decree expanding military court jurisdiction to cover crimes that occur on any public, state-owned, or “vital” property.. At least 90 people died in local police stations and security directorates in the governorates of Cairo and Giza alone in 2014.. That number represented a 38 percent increase from the year before.. Authorities detained dozens of people for such offences as possessing flyers with anti-military slogans.. Authorities arrested more than 95 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people between July 2013 and December 2014. On December 7, police raided a Cairo bathhouse and arrested at least 25 men whom they accused of “practicing debauchery.””

How can a man like Sisi whose hands stained with the blood of torturing political activists, journalists, atheists and gays be the hope of the west to counter Islamic terrorism?! A man whose police forces murder people daily and believes he is a divine intervention from Allah?! How can he build a modern state which offers the people some hope and alternative to an Islamic state?! Islamic terrorism is a cult of death, those who do not respect life nor believe in life cannot defeat a cult of death. Sisi is just another totalitarian, authoritarian military dictator who is bankrupt ideologically and politically. Sisi is destroying any foundation of a modern secular society and eventually will leave no room but for medieval ideologies like ISIS. No victory can be achieved from fighting evil with another evil. Those who do not believe in freedom and in human dignity can’t convince the millions of Muslims they are ruling to do the opposite.

The war Sisi declared on Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing but part of the war on power. Sisi is restoring to the Nasserite Egyptian military state the place it lost to the Islamists. He and his army possess no alternative socio-economic vision to offer the Egyptian people. Sisi and his government have no principle objection to totalitarianism and extreme violence but they just want to monopolize them. Recent government sponsored propaganda in Egypt claiming that ISIS is a Zionist-Israeli-American conspiracy should be evident to the Egyptian government intentions; they do not want to moderate nor modernize the country but to control.

Supporting brutal military dictatorships in the Middle East in order to build a wall which separates western civilized countries from the seas of middle eastern barbarity proved to be nothing but a long term disaster. It created a cap on the top leaving the elements of militant jihad active building their basis from the bottom to the top. The west have already done this once and we are now looking at the results. Committing the same stupidity again with a different name won’t change the expected results. Besides it’s really hard for me to convince my Muslim friends and family that western world wants them no harm while it is supporting and celebrating mass murderers like Sisi. We can’t claim we believe in values we finance others to violate.

General Sisi is nothing but another ignorant and uneducated dictator. He is just another setback for the whole region. The 1960s Nasserite propaganda and moral policing which he heavily relies on does not help bringing Egypt to the modern age but will give the Islamists fertile ground of oppressed sympathizers. Eliminating all political secular opposition will leave a vacuum Sisi’s propaganda can’t fill. Sisi is no moderate nor reformer. He has no profound vision for the future of Egypt nor the future of the region. His vision is that of the military state from which he emerged. A military which still lives in the 20th century eastern bloc authoritarian centralist mentality. His demagogic simpleminded and incoherent mix of religion and nationalism will not convince a new generation of impoverished, desperate, semi-skilled, semi-educated and repressed Egyptians not to turn to Islamism.

The alternative is simple; do not be so desperate. The west should not betray its own values and rush to get in bed with the bad guy just because they can’t find a nice guy. Before we celebrate a leader, we should lay out our requirements and conditions and wait for someone to fill them. We should clearly state we are expecting to deal with someone who genuinely believes in freedom and human dignity. We should demand someone who does not pretend he is a moderate while his government media outlets blames the Zionist conspiracy for Islamic terrorism. The entrance ticket to the club of modern states should have a price, it should not be handed out army generals who have dreams of Allah giving them swords and hunt down gay people.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The problem with moderate Muslims

On March 23, 2013, members of Alif Laam Meem, a national Muslim fraternity based at the University of Texas at Dallas, stood up against domestic violence as Muslims and as men of Dallas.

For the past six month the president of the U.S has took it upon himself to defend Islam as a religion and a culture. One State Department spokesperson made a statement suggesting that “lack of job opportunities” is a major reason for beheadings and cruel violence. All of this is not just shocking because of how irrelevant it is, but it’s shocking because the will to avoid addressing the problem is too big that the president of the United States personally had to deviate from his federal job description and give speeches about what Islam is and what it is not. Our desire to reassure ourselves that all people as nice as us is so great that we are changing the ways we conduct our business. That is why I want to share some thoughts on the issue of Islam and Islamic moderation.

To deny the existence of moderate Muslims is ,beyond any reasonable doubt, an anti-Muslim prejudice. Not only that but it’s most certainly destructive to any efforts to counter Islamic extremism. A world with no moderate Muslims is inconceivable. Check out these long quotes from an open letter from Ani Zonneveld, a Malaysian-born Muslim, published on AlJazeerawebsite:

“I was raised in a harmonious interracial and interfaith society that accepted and respected other religious practices.. Saudi Arabia started exporting its Wahhabi ideology in the 1970s, and it spread around the world, turning existing interpretations of Islam into one that is dogmatic and violent. We cannot continue on this path of religious-based mayhem in the name of Islam. The Muslim world needs a change…
..As a child, I remember celebrating Mawlid — the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday — with uplifting songs, prayers and even a parade. Now it is taboo to observe Mawlid even in America, and adherents to the Wahhabi brand of Islam would rather emphasize his death…
..When I was growing up, weddings and community events were colorful and featured music and dance, without segregating the sexes. This is no longer the case in many Muslim communities. Music, dance and unsegregated gatherings are deemed haram, or forbidden. Artistic expressions must be Sharia-compliant, meaning no depiction of humans or animals..
..The Quran liberated women from subhuman status, gave us rights to choose whom to marry, to work, to be in leadership positions and to ultimately live in full dignity. And yet in 2015, Wahhabi imams have relegated women to subhuman status by allowing husbands to cane their wives into obedience and promoting a version of Sharia that permits forced and child marriages and condones honor killings. Women have become sexual objects through forced veiling, which makes our voices, skin, hair and faces off limits, and even a handshake is deemed a potentially arousing sexual experience.”

This is one of the most honest Muslim self-criticism pieces I have read. It is sincere, genuine, authentic and above all it is unbiased and it is the work of a moderate Muslim. However, it is obvious that those words raise the same concerns I have: the majority of the Muslim world is not under the influence of a moderate version of Islam but rather a very extreme, violent one. I was born and raised in Egypt, thousands of miles from Malaysia, and I have an almost identical experience with the rapid radicalization of the Egyptian society. There are moderate Muslims but it should be clear at this point that they are not as influential as the extremists. It should be clear that advocates of reform in the Muslim world are as marginalized and persecuted as any other non-Muslim minority. One clear proof of that can be seen in the fact that many if not most such Muslims, like Mr. Zonneveld or me personally, do not actually reside in their home countries but in the western world due to the fact that many parts of the Muslim world are extremely intolerant towards reform and criticism.

In my childhood I was told that every day that passes on the Islamic nation without a caliphate is a sin. That the failures and miseries of the Muslim world started the moment we gave up conquests and wars against the infidels. That our prosperity depends on conquering new lands, converting new believers, looting new resources and enslaving more women. I was taught that a Jew is essentially a demon in flesh and that it is our destiny as good Muslims to kill them all. I was regularly fueled by battle stories and stories of lethal feuds of seventh century Arabia. It was not just me, a small child in Cairo, who was raised with these great apocalyptic prophecies, it was also so many people from all around the globe.

In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler rose to power, conducted rapid and drastic changes to German society, declared war on the world and fought, all while enjoying the support of the majority of the German people. In the United States, some of the earliest public opinion polls in the 1940s found that an overwhelming majority (about two-thirds) of whites were willing to support racial segregation. Similar polls from South Africa, with much closer dates, suggest that the vast majority of the white population was in support of total white domination and apartheid. In a much earlier time of history, 14th century European Christians were avid supporters of witch hunting, inquisitions, public executions, anti-Semitism and a verity of extreme cruelty. Try to imagine a young European couple happily taking their little children to watch the latest heretics torching techniques and encouraging them to smell the burning flesh; that was 14th century Europe. This is no myth, no phobia, it is history.

The bottom line is; it is quite possible, at one point of history, to have an entire nation dominated by some very bad ideas. We have seen it before and we are seeing it today. For the west now to deny this historical fact and pretend that the majority of people are always naturally sane, rational, peace loving hippies is hypocritical, misleading and dishonest. It is an ugly lie that offends our intelligence. We have a long history of the major human consensus to persecute women, Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals. Thus, it is quite possible — at least theoretically — for a significant portion or even the majority of the world’s Muslim population (estimated to be over 1.5 billion) to be anti-Semitic, homophobic and in sympathy with violence and even Islamic totalitarianism.

Many parts of the Muslim world are intolerant towards free speech, criticism and reform. Human rights are not observed in most of the Muslim world; women’s rights, homosexual rights, minority rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of belief..etc. are things that the majority of non-violent Muslims do not observe. Execution of apostates, women who are not allowed to drive, sexual segregation, persecution of liberals and journalists, homosexual imprisonment, and persecution of non-Muslim minorities are all common themes almost in all Muslim countries. Many Muslim countries use public beheadings, hangings, lashings, stonings and chopping of limbs as an accepted form of punishment.

While the vast majority of Muslims may frown upon ISIS and Al Qaeda and may be horrified by their acts, they will still approve of many human rights abuses. The majority of the world Muslim population believe that the cartoonists who ridicule Muhammad should be prosecuted. Many Muslim countries carry death penalties for any similar heresy action because they simply do not believe in freedom of speech. There is a Muslim consensus that any acts of violence against Israel, including suicide bombers in buses, are justified if not encouraged. Our acceptance or denial of those facts does not affect the reality we are all living; the Muslim world is dominated by bad ideas and bad beliefs. The majority of Muslims have no principle objections to application of extreme violence, subjection of women and minorities, prosecuting if not killing homosexuals and confiscating personal freedoms.

My argument is, we are using the label “moderate” for everyone who is not trying to kill us regardless of that person’s actual views. We are in a very bad situation to the extent that we have confused moderation with self-interest. The majority of the Muslim world may not be moderate, but rather acting in its daily life from a purely self-interested point of view. This is a very good thing. We should encourage all Muslims to act and preserve their self-interests. But we should not lie to them about the nature of their religious ideas.

One of my other concerns regarding moderate Muslims is their response to Islamic terrorism. Whenever the issue of Islamic extremism arises, the first reaction of moderate Muslims is not to start an honest debate and reform in their religion but to defend Islam and Muslims. Moderate Muslims are obsessed with slogans like “the religion of peace” more than they care about facing the terrorists emerging from their own communities. Moderate Muslims rush to warn about Islamophobia and unjust western prejudice against Muslims. Almost in every single occasion that Islamic terrorism is mentioned, Muslims’ first action is to defend their faith. They assert over and over how peaceful and beautiful Islam is. They are obsessed with their religion and care about it more than they care about stopping murder in its name. It should be clear that this kind of obsession is just another form of fundamentalism. The time has come to talk about how unhelpful and unhealthy their constant obsession with Islam is. Those Muslims need to know that it is more important right now to direct their efforts inside their communities to battle extremism than to polish the image of a faith soaked in blood. Constantly using the rhetoric of Islamophobia and defending their faith as if it was under attack does not help us to promote peace but actually makes the job of terrorist recruiters easier.

We can all agree that prejudice against Muslims is indeed a form of unacceptable discrimination, but moderate Muslims should not try to stifle criticism of their religion by raising the racism card. Many Muslims are responsible for creating an environment of intimidation and social blackmail, using the alleged charges of Islamophobia to immediately dismiss any criticism. We should be clear and honest to our Muslim friends; Islam and its prophet are just other figures in the world of religious fascinations and they are not above criticism and ridiculing and this is nonnegotiable.

Recently we have been hearing the argument, sometimes from the highest figures of the U.S government, that we should not criticize the doctrine of Islam in a way that points out its inherent violence because that is the exact point organizations like ISIS are trying to convince Muslims with. The point is we should not help terrorists in convincing Muslims that Islam is violent. I have to say that this is the most twisted acrobatic irrational logic I have ever heard. I think a truly moderate sane person, when told that his god promotes and enjoys public beheadings, should do one of two things; either dismiss the cruel claims about his god as untrue or dismiss his whole religion. The victims of terrorism should not be blamed for the crimes being committed against them. Our intellectual freedom should not be taken hostage so moderate Muslims won’t break bad. What kind of logic is that? I assume that any peaceful moderate person should remain so regardless of what anyone says on TV or in a newspaper or a coffeehouse about a sixth century belief system. Otherwise, the words “peaceful” and “moderate” simply mean “I will be nice as long as you do not hurt my feelings.” Personally I find this closer to psychopathy than moderation.

If we are sincere about solving this pressing global issue, then we should be honest and truthful. We can’t fight cruel terrorists while we ally ourselves with people who commit similar atrocities but have more oil. We can’t allow ourselves to deceive our Muslim friends that it is their right to oppose free speech, LGBT rights, women’s rights etc. Moderate Muslims should not be part of the problem, they should be the solution. Islamic extremism will not be “degraded and ultimately destroyed” unless it is Muslims themselves who fight it. Being obsessed with religion is not a proper response and we should be honest and clear about that. I am aware of the fact that all I’m sharing is tough and not easy to do, but I can assure you that closing our eyes to reality will do us no good. Only acknowledging it will allow us to take our first steps toward a profound and desperately needed reform.